Tipping Slot Attendants In Las Vegas

It is very hard to survive in Las Vegas on minimum wage.

As for the other casino staff such as cocktail waitresses and blackjack dealers, if you tip or not is up too you.

If you feel that you have received excellent customer service in a casino and want to tip the person or people, then go right ahead. If your slot attendant is rude, cash out, talk to a floor supervisor, and then move onto a new casino.

The debate on whether you should tip your slot attendant or not rages on. Image Credit: (Flickr/sophistechate)

Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas

All Day Long Buffets In Las Vegas

No, Don’t Ever Tip the Slot Attendants

I gamble my own money, I get lucky and win $500, and now I am suppose to tip the slot attendant who simply paid me the cash? It is a scam.

The slot attendant will then stare at you, hoping for tip. Many people feel if they hit a jackpot, regardless of the size, they should tip the slot attendant because he or she was the one that paid out the jackpot. The problem though, is that in order to survive the slot attendant needs to receive tips.

A slot attendant always needs to be polite and courteous to players regardless of whether they receive a tip or not. Out of all of these customers, one may hit a jackpot. Casinos want players to keep playing after they win a jackpot, not pack up and move to a competitor’s casino.

Yes, You Should Always Tip the Slot Attendants

Slot Attendants generally work for minimum wage. Every time those casino policies have failed. A lot of their income is based on tips. Explain to them how you won a mini-jackpot and was going to keep gambling here but instead you are taking your winnings to a different casino to play because you are tired of the slot attendant who is very rude too you, simply because you did not give her a tip.

Their have been casinos in the past that have tried a no tipping policy. The customer then thinks they won because the slot attendant pointed them too the machine originally. Here are both sides to the story.

If this happens multiple times a casino will then either retrain the slot attendants in customer service skills or fire them.

Most slot attendants will tend to be courteous, even if you do no tip them. Each night the slot attendants play a game of numbers. Did the slot attendant pitch in on the money I put in the machine? No. The slot attendants do not know any better then you do which gaming machines are the best too use. You should decide for yourself whether you want to tip a slot attendant. Maybe in the old days, before all of this new computer generated tickets, I would consider tipping the slot attendant.

The debate has raged on for years. That means I am still down $200, and the slot attendant wants a tip. You should never feel forced to tip a slot attendant. If you win a jackpot and don’t tip the slot attendant, and then receive poor and rude service from the slot attendant, quit playing. On the same token, if you feel a customer does not receive a tip then do not tip them. I tend to give a large tip too the cocktail waitress the first time I see her. Good tips can encourage great customer service. I then usually receive many drinks and get them without waiting. I may have lost $700 before I won the jackpot. They can point you out too machines that tend to pay off more often. I call hors manure on that. As For Slot attendants, the only thing they can do is be rude too you. These people feel that the only thing the slot attendant did is put a ticket in the machine and count out your cash.

If you go to the same casino to play on a regular basis, a repeat customer, then you should always tip the slot attendants. I don’t think so.

Many people who like to tip say “well the slot attendant pointed out the good machines too use”. The cocktail waitresses, the slot attendants, and all other casino personnel have no incentive to be friendly, prompt, and courteous to the casino patrons.

If I have to tip a slot attendant to keep him or her happy then I will simply spend my money elsewhere. It is all luck.

Tipping is very personal, at the restaurant if you are not a regular tipper but you always eat there, then be prepared to have mucus in your food. For what? The slot attendant did nothing but take 3 minutes of her time to pay me my earnings. Slot attendants do not deserve a tip and never have.

The casinos that have tried to the no tipping policy have paid higher than minimum wage to their workers, but it was still not enough.

Tipping slot attendants is simply the right thing too do.

Further Thoughts on Slot Attendants

Whether you choose to tip the slot attendants or not is a very personal choice. They point many customers to many different machines. Did the slot attendant give me money last week when I lost money?. Cash out your machine and find a floor supervisor or manager. Instead, the casino wants to verify that the win is authentic, and then have the slot attendant pay me my winnings.

Others suggest that tipping the slot attendant is a waste of money and will never do it. They can get you paid out faster, and they will let the cocktail waitresses know that you tip so your drinks will come more often without waiting.

It is a scam.

In todays world the casino could just as easily have the machine spit out a ticket and then I could take it to the cashiers’ cage to redeem my earnings. Most of them will lose. I also do not have to stumble with placing 2-3 quarters in her hand each time she brings me a new drink.

Just because I won a $500 jackpot does not mean that I am ahead $500

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The Maasai: A Tribe That Has Defied the Odds of Civilization

The head is shaven almost all the time or the hair is kept short.”/>

Credit: flickr

Maasai and Cattle

Maasai and cattle. At the height of their ascendancy in the mid-18th Century, the range lands that they occupied included the fertile volcanic lands in the Great Rift Valley, an area of more than 400,000 km sq.

Head shaving is a common practice in Maasai as it signifies different rites of passage. Certain Maasai sacred rituals involve drinking of cow blood.

Maasai Warriors (Morans)

<img src=

Credit: flickr

Maasai and cattle. Their reputation as fierce warriors came from their spiritual beliefs that their rain god (called Ngai) gave all cattle to them, and therefore anyone else who possesses cattle must have stolen from the Maasai. Maasai people also seek wage employment as waiters, tourist guides, security guards and watchmen.

Circumcision for teenage girls is performed by elder women but girls are permitted to cry. Maasai men always carry a wooden club (o-rinka) as a symbol of protecting their community.

The Maasai economic activities involves livestock keeping. Maasai is Kenya’s most well-known ethnic tribe, they are Nilotic semi-nomadic people located in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Maasai are also involved by the Kenyan government in wildlife conservation and their wildlife sanctuaries are some of the best managed and productive conservation areas to visit in Africa.

It was estimated that due to these natural disasters, 90 percent of cattle and half of wild animals perished from Rinderpest while Maasai people were hit by numerous diseases including smallpox.

These disasters were made even more worse as this period coincided with droughts where rains failed completely in 1897 and 1898. By estimates, two-thirds of the Maasai died during this period. They also cultivated long lasting peaceful relationships with neighboring agricultural communities who came to their aid during periodic famines.

Maasai Warriors (Morans)

Maasai Warriors (morans)

Credit: flickr

In early years, the Maasai used cow hides and skin as their clothes but since 60’s they have adopted fabric clothing. Shuka is the Maasai Maa word for sheets traditionally worn wrapped around the body.

Maasai people welcoming tourists. The Kenya government has initiated many projects to help Maasai people preserve their culture and traditions while balancing the education needs of their children for the modern world.

Some Maasai have turned into farming

Some Maasai have turned into farming

Credit: flickr

The Maasai people uphold their traditional rituals up to today. The Maasai control large chunks of land.”/>

Credit: flickr

One tribe in Kenya called the Maasai, which is among the 42 Kenyan tribes, has defied the odds of civilization and still upholds their ancient cultural and traditional ways of life. The head is shaven almost all the time or the hair is kept short.

Another famous ceremony that was performed during marriage is where a Maasai moran was required to kill a lion before getting a wife. Due to the diminishing livestock and land for grazing, many Maasai people have begun to cultivate maize and other crops, a practice that is viewed as negative culturally.

Maasai young morans. The Maasai control large chunks of land.

 In recent years, some Maasai especially the young generations have abandoned the traditional way of life and looked into emerging forms of employment.  Maasai are now engaged in farming, business of selling traditional medicine, milk and milk products and women are involved in selling of embroideries. They arrived into southern part of Kenya and central part of Tanzania occupying vast lands between 17th and 18th century.

If you like travelling, then you must have discovered one secret about travelling, and that is, travelling is about discovering. It is through visiting other places that you discover the world, it is about the exchange of experiences and learning about new places, faces and people.

Maasai people

Credit: flickr

During this circumcision period, the newly circumcised young men will live in a “Manyatta,” a village built by their mothers. with a population of less than one half million people.

Maasai people

Maasai People

Credit: flickr

Maasai warriors “jumping” dance

Maasai warriors "jumping" dance

Credit: flickr

Maasai people value blood and they drink blood on special occasions and rituals. Bead working has a long history among the Maasai, it is done by women who use it to articulate their identity and position in society through body ornaments and body painting.

In those early years, the Maasai were considered fierce warriors, feared by many tribes. Maasai love visitors.”/>

Credit: flickr

For example, Young men wear black for several months following their circumcision. After circumcision, the young warriors grow their hair again and spend a great deal of time styling it.

The best way to understand another culture is to experience it firsthand. With laws aiming at protecting wildlife, this practice has stopped, although there is evidence that it still continues in more remote regions of Kenya.

Maasai lands in Kenya were reduced further when British colonialists evicted them to make room for settler ranches, subsequently confining them to their present lands south of Kenya. Over the years that followed Kenya’s independence in 1963, more land was taken to create wildlife reserves and national parks.

Today you will find young Maasai men and women in major Kenyan towns and cities selling, not just goats and cows, but also beads, grains, charcoal among other items. This has led to some fatal altercations with other neighboring tribes over centuries when the Maasai attempt to reclaim their “stolen possessions”.

Maasai Woman

A painted Maasai woman near a Maasai Manyatta (Hut) built from dried cattle dung.

Credit: flickr

Circumcision in Maasai is an important rite of passage to adulthood and the ceremony is performed for both young men and girls. Circumcision in Maasai is done according to generation of 15 years or so where a new and individually named generation of Morans (warriors) will be initiated.

Blood is very rich in protein and is good for the immune system. Clothing varies by age occasion and location.

Maasai are now engaged in farming, business of selling traditional medicine, milk products and women are involved in selling of embroideries.

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Despite this upward urban trend, many urbanized Maasai men will still shun the urban clothing when they go back home and wear a “shuka”, hand made sandals, carry a wooden club (o-rinka) and feel at ease with themselves and the world.

Maasai young morans.

Maasai young morans. Notice the plastic shoes.

Following decades of natural disasters (called Emutai in Maa language) that killed Maasai population and their cattle, the Maasai also lost much of lands they occupied. This was as a consequence of a string of natural and historic calamities including drought, smallpox, and cattle pest.

<img src=

Credit: flickr

Teenage girls during one of the Maasai rituals

The ability to graze their cattle over large territories has diminished considerably in recent years. The plaited hair is dressed with animal fat and ocher, and parted across the top of the head at ear level.

On their way, they fought and pushed aside other pastoralists. Two days before the boys are circumcised, their heads are shaved. The Maasai shoes are simple hand made sandals, which were until recently made from cowhides although they are now soled with tire strips or plastic. The huts of the Maasai dwellings (Kraal) are built from dried cattle dung.

Maasai women love beads ornaments.

Red is the preferred color in Maasai attire, however, blue, black, striped, and checkered cloths are also worn. If you are planning a trip to Kenya, be assured that the real face of Kenya is found among the combined faces of many cultures. Each landscape has a different cultural significance to a different community, and the wildlife has long been an essential part of traditional culture.

The young boys are not supposed to moan or make any noise during the cut. Today, the Maasai people occupy a total land area of less than 160,000 km sq. Despite the Kenya government efforts to stop this female ritual the attempts have failed, primarily due to the fact that it is the Maasai women who defend the practice and often the ritual is done in secrecy.

Maasai woman

Maasai woman with ornaments

Credit: flickr

The Maasai People and Tourists

Maasai people welcoming tourists visitors. You'll be charmed by the different combined faces and cultures of the world. 

<img src=

Credit: flickr

Many Maasai have moved away from the nomadic ways of life to attain great success and achievements in education.  Mamy educated Maasai men and women have acquired positions in corporate and government sectors.. Their economy is almost exclusively based on animal stock, from which they take most of their food: meat, milk, and even blood. The best known is the warrior “jumping” dance, where young Maasai warriors (morans) leap into the air from a standing position, in order to demonstrate their strength and agility.

A lot of Maasai range lands have been reduced since then while other have been converted to national parks and modern conservation areas.

Despite of the modern civilization, the Maasai people have largely managed to maintain their culture and traditional ways of living, although this has become more challenging each year due to external factors.

Maasai women. There are numerous traditions and ceremonies that are performed by Maasai men. This is due to increased urbanization and the demarcation of the Masai Mara and Serengeti game reserves, which were all formerly Maasai grazing lands.

This generation is mostly made up of boys and young men between age 12 and 25 years who have reached puberty. Each young man is supposed to kill a lion before he is circumcised, although this activity of killing a lion has now been banned. The Maasai speaks the Maa language which is an Eastern Nilotic language, Maasai means “My people” in Maa language.

Bead work plays an essential part in the ornamentation of their body as both men and women wear ornaments. However, the supply and use of blood in their traditional diet is waning due to the reduction of livestock. Due to an increase in Maasai population, loss of cattle populations to diseases, and lack of available grazing range lands due to government park boundaries, the Maasai were forced to develop new ways of sustaining themselves.

Maasai have been cattle keepers in terms of wealth and they control large chunks of arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya and Tanzania due to their pastoralism way of life. Maasai loves visitors.

Maasai women. They are cattle and goat herders. The boy must endure the operation in silence and expressions of pain can bring dishonor.

These new Maasai lands were already occupied by other original ethnic groups who were forcibly displaced by the incoming Maasai while many others were assimilated into Maasai society.

Maasai Girls

<img src=

Credit: flickr

Maintaining a traditional pastoral lifestyle has become increasingly difficult due to outside influences of the modern world. This is done until when the warriors go through another rite of passage called the Eunoto to become elders, when their long plaited hair is shaved off.

After circumcision, the young warriors grow their hair again and spend a great deal of time styling it.

Credit: flickr

After circumcision, the young warriors grow their hair again and spend a great deal of time styling it. Notice the plastic shoes.”/>

Credit: flickr

According to history, the Maasai originated from the lower Nile valley north of Lake Turkana in Northwest Kenya and migrated south at around the 15th century. For example; blood is given to a circumcised person (olesipolioi), a woman who has given birth (entomononi) or the sick (oltamueyiai).

A vacation to Kenya is more than just wildlife and scenery. Elgon.

Maasai warriors "jumping" dance

Credit: flickr

Maasai warriors “jumping” dance

The plaited hair is often dressed with animal fat and ocher, and parted across the top of the head at ear level. The manyatta has no encircling barricade for protection, emphasizing the warrior role of protecting the community.

For the Maasai women, the head is shaven almost all the time and if not, then their hair is kept short. Elder men perform circumcision to teenage boys who have attained the age for adulthood.

Although the Maasai do not have a history of how they migrated to their present lands, probably due to their exodus being a long process that took many years, it is certain that they were guided by the Kerio River from the Rift Valley until they reached the watered range lands just east of Mt. A child will be shaved upon reaching the age of three years when he/she is being named. This does not mean that Maasai do not cherish their hair. Maasai also depends on cattle for building of their homes

Sportsbooks Blog Basics: Wager Variants

Before you start wagering, make sure to familiarize yourself with betting types. Many sports lovers make the mistake of betting on their favorite teams and athletes only because they want them to win. It is essential that you be realistic at all times, so make sure to address this issue properly.


The most important thing to do before wagering is opting out favoritism. Make sure to browse our sportsbooks blog knowledgebase for additional info .. We will hereby explain the most common ones, while others will be discussed in separate articles. Calm dawn, keep a cool head, and choose a team.

Here at SportsbooksBlog.com, we take particular care in providing all necessary info for winning big

Horse Racing | Horse Racing Tips | Horse Racing Betting

This protects not only the athletes but the interests of the horseplayers as well. An obvious step is the complete elimination of race day medication with severe penalties for violators, up to and including criminal prosecution or a lifetime ban depending on the severity of the infraction. Weather will factor into this, of course.

“Improvement of the Breed” No Longer Applies to Thoroughbred Racing

Like the author of the following, Dr. The desired result? No revenue loss from cancellations due to weather-related problems. Not knowing the long-term effects should be completely unacceptable – but not, apparently, to those who control the game.

So. In reality, synthetic surfaces are not the same as or even a close approximation to dirt. Which other gambling outlet permits similar behavior? What would the penalty be if the ownership or staff of a Las Vegas casino was caught cheating? Would it be a slap on the wrist? I doubt it.

“Another even less likely approach is a switch to racing exclusively on grass, a surface well documented to reduce (but unfortunately not eliminate) fatalities and which is the standard racing surface for most of the world.

“There may have been marginal improvements in safety with synthetic surfaces, but that may be because they are inherently slower compared to dirt. A. The objective, short of eliminating the sport, is to minimize the likelihood of injury and death, accepting that riders have a choice but the horses do not. And, presumably, although debatable, maintenance costs can be lower as well. Brown’s legion of turf runners.

All in racing who truly love it, and wish it would last forever, please don’t raise your hand. F. The industry did experiment, generating mixed results, with all-weather synthetic surfaces as a substitute for dirt. . Both will be going all-in. Instead, step up and do something crazy; think outside the bottom line, about a long range plan that could work over time.

And I still mean that and why I, personally, will not leave the game until someone pulls the remote out of one cold dead hand while I try to bet with the other.

With Geroux, the country’s leaded graded-stakes rider, joining Rosario, Saratoga titlists Javier Castellano and Johnny Velazquez, the prodigious Ortiz brothers and the emerging Manny Franco, the jockey race will be lively and highly competitive; great for bettors.

“Solutions cannot be achieved without difficulty because of the overriding economic interests of those within the industry, but there are things that can be done.

“Synthetic surfaces are formulated in different ways but generally consist of sand and polymeric materials in fiber form usually modified by the addition of rubber and wax.

Here, then, Part 2 of Steven Roman’s long goodbye to the game…

“As an industry outsider I have no say in implementing change, but I can have an opinion. Carke in American Association Equine Practitioners 55:183-186, 2009 noted that although it appears synthetic surfaces are safer than dirt, when synthetic surfaces replaced turf courses, Fatal Musculoskeletal Injury (FMSI) rates increased, confirming turf as the safest type of surface. It’s far worse when they are exposed to dust and vapors from eroding synthetic materials and even natural materials that are potentially carcinogenic or may physically damage the respiratory system. With Chad Brown having an extraordinary Belmont meeting, you know perennial Saratoga leader Todd Pletcher wants to retain his title. will the racing industry finally act to reverse overall negative perceptions of the game, or is it already too late?

“If safety truly was the primary concern a safer surface, turf, already exists. Brown came close last year and with more talented dirt runners in the barn, this could be his year. The drainage characteristics of synthetic surfaces are supposed to keep them viable under virtually all weather conditions. However, as a trained scientist I found it disturbing that these surfaces were installed and used without any prior long-term studies of their health effects on the horses or the riders.

Interesting here will be the battles between Pletcher’s juveniles vs.

If all goes well for both, a rematch in the storied mile-and-a-quarter Alabama on August 20 is promised.

I’ve written this before but upon leaving the Gulfstream Park walking ring behind the Florida Derby horses this winter as a few thousand fans surveyed the scene, I turned to a track executive and said: “I feel sorry for all the people that don’t get it about Thoroughbred racing.”

Of course, the results will depend on the quality mounts as most trainers have their “go-to” guys and barns can go hot or cold regardless of focus and intent. It begins next weekend when sensational Songbird, a filly that some, myself included, say is reminiscent of Ruffian, gets her first serious challenge when she meets Carina Mia in the Coaching Club American Oaks.

The following remarks are the thoughts of a man who at no time wanted to make racing a profession, but rather it remain an avocation, something to love, see it prosper and endure, enjoyed by a wider audience. How many others tethered to the horse can say the same with that qualifier?

With the addition of Florent Geroux and the strong riding of Joel Rosario in New York this year, the jockey battle, always of supreme interest in Saratoga, will be very highly contested.

Beyond this, the human races figure to be even more interesting. Roman, creator of the Dosage Index algorithm that measures a sire’s pre-potency for passing on his distance racing capability to its offspring, I am not optimistic when it comes to racing’s future when measured against real-world materiality.

The week after–if all goes well in the Haskell Invitational and Jim Dandy–a rematch of Triple Crown achievers Nyquist, Exaggerator and Creator would be extraordinary, a few talented new shooters sprinkled in for added interest.

Five days and counting but, first, some unfinished business:

For Roman, his love of the game was enough to apply his science background to pedigree study, and he made a mark.

“It’s bad enough when the athletes’ lungs are exposed to the dust from the breakdown of dirt particles. This rivalry isn’t media-made; it’s real.

But what sense does it make to be a horseplayer or, for that matter, the owner of a well-bred two-year-old, if you can’t dream a little?

It’s in that spirit, in the hope that Roman’s long goodbye will resonate with a heretofore unknown guardian angel, one brilliant enough to invent a magic wand so big that it can be waved over 38 horse-racing states and the District of Columbia.

“I personally believe the real motivation behind the introduction of synthetic surfaces was purely economic with increased safety a secondary consideration and good for public relations. Steven A. As the surface particles erode under continual exposure to mechanical effects (e.g., the pounding of horses’ hooves, harrowing, etc.) and environmental effects (e.g., heat, sunlight, wind, moisture, etc.) the dust and vapors created are inhaled by horse and rider.

With Saratoga Looming, Something Old and Some New Things

HALLANDALE BEACH, July 17, 2016–From Southern California to the Jersey Shore, and from Kentucky and, as of this weekend, Indiana, all roads are lead to Saratoga for the most consequential summit among three-year-olds of both sexes this year.

“I’ve never understood why any transgressions by trainers, owners, riders or veterinarians that could affect the outcome of a race and, consequently, the bankrolls of horseplayers are tolerated at all

Best Furniture Items for Home Decoration

There are a variety of unique and magnificent home decorative items that make up your bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, and kitchen with original shapes and colors. Such lovely decorative items have become so popular and necessary for home interior furniture. You may find it difficult to choose the best furniture for your house. They should arranged in various ways in accordance with local culture, architecture, hobby, style, and age. 

Such animal-shaped wall hangings are wonderful presents for kids

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Such lovely ceramics flower pots bring the harmony between people and nature

Such animal-shaped wall hangings are wonderful presents for kids

The flower-printed carpet keeps the living room clean and highlighted

Such sparkling chandeliers brighten the room and bring a luxurious beauty for home

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Pretty candles arranged in the bedroom or the bathroom offer a romantic and warm beauty

Wind bells with exciting sounds are not only worthy decorating the living room and bedroom, but also meaningful in term of Feng Shui

For a long time, mirrors have effectively helped enlarge the home space and brighten the room

Such lovely ceramics flower pots brings the harmony between people and nature


15 Of The Best Package Designs

Picture frames depict a cute and funny look for home furniture

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Salon chairs and beds seem to be more eye-catching with colorful pillows

10 Foods that Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Salon chairs and beds seem to be more eye-catching with colorful pillows

For a long time, mirrors have effectively helped enlarge the home space and brighten the room

However, there are countless options in the market that can make you confused. Below is the list of the most impressive and breathtaking chosen furniture items in different categories for home decoration.

Pretty candles arranged in the bedroom or the bathroom offer a romantic and warm beauty

Beside home architecture, interior furniture arrangement and decorative items including picture frames, candles, carpets, ceramics flower pots, wind bells, mirrors, chandeliers or pillows play important roles for home luxury. Therefore, you should think carefully before making your own decision

Using Reverse Line Movement To Win

Now do the sharps win every single time? Absolutely not! However, they are right more often than they are wrong, so being on the same side as the sharps is a prudent strategy over the long run, and again, the best thing is that there in absolutely no conventional sports handicapping necessary..

So what we recommend is to only use the top five each season for each individual sport (in terms of units won). Quite a few RLM followers watch the moves until almost game time, and then bet accordingly. Carib ruled the roost season at 93-66-9, 58.5 percent, +18.55 units after ABC held the penthouse spot in the 2007-08 season.

So what exactly is reverse line movement? RLM takes place when a large majority of bets are on one team, yet the line moves in the opposite direction. It should be noted that many fewer MLB games have qualified so far this season (is the whole world using RLM now?), but smaller profits is still profit.Again, these records are for Money Lines only and do not include totals.Finally, NHL sports betting has picked up 148.49 units in two years, and unlike MLB, NHL had four sportsbooks out of the top five gain double-digit units this past season. Another important recommendation is to use a slow moving (but reliable) sportsbook. Keep in mind that NCAAB was the most liquid sport in terms of top-five sportbooks however, with not a single sportsbook making the top five both years. RLM takes place when more money/ sportsbook picks are bet by the small percentage of bettors that are on the unpopular side (the sharps) than is bet by the huge majority of players betting the popular side (the squares). All of this will be fun to follow (not to mention profitable) when every sport except baseball are going on simultaneously during the winter months.


By: Manny G. However, instead of the line rising as you might expect, it instead drops to Chargers -6. This would make Miami +6 the RLM play.

So what causes RLM when the aim of most sportsbooks is to get as close to balanced action on both sides as possible? The answer to this is quite simple: the sharp bettors; the one’s who give sports betting advice. Note that these records are for sides only and do not include totals.

The NFL sports betting is generally considered the toughest sport to beat, yet blindly following this method produced an exceptional 59.2 percent win rate last season, improving the two year record to 328-249-12, 56.8 percent, +59.06 units. The records quoted below are based on the bets being made at the triggering books, so beating the move by a half-point or a few cents now and then would actually make your record even better.

To back this up, our friends over at Prosportsonline.net have tracked the records for games where over 60 percent of the public has been on one side, yet there was reverse line movement of at least one full point from the opening number at the top sportsbooks in NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB. Keep a close eye on Canbet here, as that Australian sportsbook cracked the top five both years.


Also, games where over 60 percent of the public are on one side, yet there is reverse line movement of at least 10 cents on the Money Line from the opening number at the top five sportsbooks in MLB and NHL sports betting has also been profitable. Furthermore, they list the RLM records for many individual sportsbook, making it easy to spot which books this system is working at and which books it may be best to ignore.

NBA sports betting has the lowest two-year five-book RLM winning percentage among the 11/10 sports, but then again, every gambler in the world would kill to go 382-301-9, 55.9 percent, +48.90 units, and the 57.5 percent win rate this past season is nothing to sneeze at. Sure, using this approach leaves open the possibility of the line turning around and moving back against you, but as you will see in bit, betting as soon as an RLM qualifies has been profitable in every major North American sport such as the last two seasons, so if one line turns around, so be it.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

The highest two-year winning percentage using RLM from the top five books belongs to College Football, which went 480-341-10, 58.5 percent, +95.10 units. This may enable you to get the stale more favorable sports betting line at the time the reverse line movement hits at the triggering Sportsbook. To illustrate, let us say that San Diego Chargers open at -7 over the Miami Dolohins, and over 70 percent of the sports bets placed on the game are on San Diego. We tracked the top five books for each of the pointspread sports for the last two years, as as you can see, this strategy has been profitable in every sport. The huge problem with this is that the nfl line, ncaaf line or nhl line may have moved too much by that time, and all of the value has been sucked out of the unpopular side.

College Basketball sports betting was not too shabby either, with a two-year mark of 492-356-22, 58.0 percent, +91.96 units. This is where an important word of caution is in order though. Keep an eyes on the top five sportsbooks at Sports Insights though, as NCAAF sports betting has been very liquid in that regard, with only one sportsbook (believe it or not, Bodog) finishing in the top five both years.

Thus, following reverse line movements is the same thing a following the smart money. Last year was a good RLM season for NFL sports betting (45-29, 60.8 percent, +11.91), but two sportsbooks that were in the top five in NFL RLM in both seasons.

The proper way to make a sports bet using reverse line movement is to place your bet as soon as there is an RLM of one full point (or 10 cents in MLB and NHL) off of the opening line

Horse Racing Betting, The Risk Free Way

It’s more like trading as you are betting on more than one horse in a race even all of them.

Now some people in the know have been doing this for years even before all of the online bookmakers but with the internet exploding risk free betting has been made available to you and others.

I know it sounds a bit complicated but there is a new horse racing system that makes it easy and dead simple to use. They do this by making a couple of horses in a race better priced and then advertising it.

Now this isn’t some bogus system that gives you one horse that is guaranteed to win, it isn’t even like normal gambling. If every bookie does this you can make a profit very easy.

Rob Mellor is making a living using his horse racing betting system and you can join him going to his site www.risk-free-betting-secret.com to learn more about risk free betting.

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This article was posted on August 23, 2005

I hear you saying how can I make money betting on every horse in the race?

Because of the competition between bookmakers and now the rise of Betfair there prices are all over the place. There are calculators and software to help you and take most of the work out of doing it.

Horse Racing Betting, The Risk Free Way

 by: Rob Mellor

Yes that’s right, Risk Free!

You can learn more about this amazing horse racing system now and start profiting for yourself.

The idea is that you place the right amount of money at the right prices so that no matter what horse wins the race, you make a profit.

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Every bookmaker is trying to get customers by giving away free bets, the best prices etc. One horse can be 4/1 with one bookmaker and 7/1 with another.

You may or may not of heard of all this talk about been a change to horse racing betting where you can bet on horse races risk free.

Sounds hard doesn’t it?

Texas Holdem Tournament Poker Strategy – Betting Is Communicating

and how this player communicates.


Tight/solid players are relatively honest, usually betting more in accordance with the true strength of their hand, making them easier to read most of the time. Is he trying to steal the pot or does he now have a pair of Jacks? Since we’ve been watching these players’ style of play all along, and we quickly realize that this is a fairly tight player, we would correctly conclude that this basically “honest”, tight player has hit that pair of Jacks.

Decide how “honest” or “dishonest” you want your betting signals to be that the other players are reading from you. Learn to read these different player’s betting signals and you’ll be amazed at how much your game improves.

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See how this works? Now, about your hand. Whether this communications is “real” or not depends – upon what style of player they are: tight, solid, loose, maniac, etc. The action comes around and half of the players have dropped out, and several players have limped in. Your starting hand is good, but not great, such as a 67 spades-suited connector. The first three players check. Visit his Texas holdem website at http://www.poker-sidekick.com websites to learn more.

Do you realize that when you place a poker bet you are actually communicating something to the other players? Understanding what you are communicating with your betting, and understanding what the other players are communicating with their bets is one of the cornerstones of good poker play.

This article was posted on August 14, 2005

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What are the others communicating to you with their bets? What kind of “communicator” are they? Honest or dishonest? Consistent or variable? How much do you believe what they’re telling you? Are you really listening, or just looking at your own hand too much?

We humans are very perceptive creatures. So, where are we?

The “Language” of Poker Bets


Texas Holdem Tournament Poker Strategy – Betting Is Communicating

 by: Rick Braddy

So, what are you communicating with your bets? Are you even thinking about that? Before you fire out a bet, you need to consider what “message” you want to send the other players, and make sure your intended message gets through, in order to affect the other players’ actions and control the outcomes more often.

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On the other hand, if the 4th player had instead been playing loose with lots of bets and raises, stealing many pots and pushing people around quite a bit, then they can’t be trusted since they’re fundamentally “dishonest” with their betting communications patterns.



Good luck!

By mastering this form of poker communications, you will find yourself becoming a truly formidable poker player.

Ignoring your hand for just a moment (since we’re talking about betting and communicating – right?), everyone except the 4th player communicated that they didn’t really like the flop, then the 4th player placed a decent bet. We are able to communicate in many different ways with one another. Aggressive players who play a lot of hands and raise a lot to drive people out of pots can be generally considered “dishonest” and can’t be trusted to communicate (bet) honestly. When a player checks, it typically means they’re not too happy with their current hand, and would like to see another card before making any move. Become truly fluent in this “poker language” and you’ll be amazed at how much it boosts your winnings.

When a player calls, it often just means they’re limping to see the next card with the hope of improving their hand. If you ignore this betting language, you will consistently lose – it’s as simple as that.

If you’ve been paying attention (like you should be), you’ll have a pretty good idea of how “honest” this player typically communicates (bets/plays).

So, Betting Is Communicating. Yes, they could be trapping, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

Now, let’s have a look at an example situation. The 4th player throws out a bet of 3 times the big blind. By saying something, by saying nothing, by shrugging our shoulders, by winking, delaying, etc. You need to fold either way here, since the odds of you making a flush or straight aren’t good, and there’s an overpair of Jacks that’s possible and likely based upon what’s being communicated (and someone could also be trapping that checked, too).

Rick Braddy is an avid writer, poker player and top professional software developer and marketer. Let’s say you’re in a game with 9 people at the table, and on the button, so you’ll get to act last and have the most information to work with. You go ahead and limp in as well, wanting to see the flop like everyone else. Try mixing these signals up a bit so the other players can’t quite tell what to expect from you and it’ll help by causing them to make more mistakes against you, resulting in bigger winnings.

When a player bets, they’re communicating that they like their hand and they want some action, so they’re risking more chips in order to take control of the action or just take the pot. These are all forms of communicating. The flop comes: 4s, Jc, 9d – not exactly what you’d hoped for

Learn To Bet On Online Sportsbooks In Five Easy Ways!

Always make it a point to check the latest updates on matches which you have betted on. For example, when you bet on soccer matches, go for those that involve your favourite clubs so that you can use your insights well when betting. He really enjoys sports and enjoys life.

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THREE: Exercise proper money management. Sometimes he goes for car racing and motor crossing. In that way, you can directly talk to a customer service representative who is always ready to answer all your queries.

Betting on online sportsbooks is surely a great way to enjoy sports with the use of your Internet-enabled computer or device. If you are knowledgeable of the teams in matches that you want to bet on, you can feel confident even if they are playign against tough oponnent sides.

FIVE: Study your bets. Your vast knowledge on your favourite teams or players can greatly help you in making the right choice for betting on matches. Make it a habit to refer to the online sportsbooks’ rules and FAQs if you are having difficulties understanding some things when betting. Identify the possible reasons why you are winning and losing so that you can create consistent betting habits and techniques that you can proudly call “tried and tested”.. Control your budget if you are already incurring successive losses. Choose one that has clear contents, particularly its rules and FAQs. To maintain a great sports betting experience, you must research on practical ways to manage your money for bets. In that way, you can further enjoy sports betting without having to worry about your money.

FOUR: Understand the rules well. Keep in mind that different sports may have different sets of bets and rules, so you have to be aware on what to do in order for you to make the right choices. You can use those notes as references when you make bets in the future. Check out your online sportsbook and see if it updates its betting details. What he is icharged of is to give updates, on every hit matches, preview, tips and guide for the sportsbook player and onlince casino players. Search for reviews on the Internet for you to know what other people think of various online sportsbooks. Klause live independent and waiting for the time to live with her fiancée. Klause enjoys playing basketball, watching Soccer League, like EPL, Laliga, UEFA, FIFa, Olympics and other sports. It pays to land on one that gives you great returns on your bets and takes care of your money and convenience at the same time.

Tomas Chan is a sportsbooks addict and online casino enthusiasts. Winning or losing is normal when betting in online sportsbooks. Klause is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science wherein he is taking Master’s Degree in Information Technology. Learn to distribute your money across smaller bets when betting on several odds. The following are five easy ways that you should follow when betting on online sportsbooks:

TWO: Choose your favourite sports matches. Do not forget to take down important notes when placing bets. Online sportsbooks can provide you with the best sports bet line details on all your favourite sports at any time of the day. If you have more questions that you want to ask, do not hesitate to contact your online sportsbook’s customer service. He manage the fan page of 12bet sportsbook and 12bet casino.

ONE: Look for a reliable online sportsbook. Check if its customer service is reliable so that you can get an assurance of great service